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Good vision requires your eyes and brain to work together.  Even if you have 20/20 eyesight, you can have difficulty processing what you see.  This can affect all areas of life: school, sport, work and play.  The good news is: the eye-brain connection can be trained through vision therapy.  Vision therapy treats:



Sports Vision

Reading & Learning Problems

Traumatic Brain Injury & Concussions



What is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy is physical therapy for the eyes and brain. It is a supervised program of eye exercises and other activities specifically tailored for the individuals needs to improve visual-processing and visual-motor skills.  The most effective vision therapy consists of in-office sessions combined with at-home activities.

Our vision therapists will use optical devices (prisms, lenses, filters and patches) and other equipment to make eye movements easier and more efficient.  Vision therapy also retrains the eye-brain connection to see things more accurately and process information faster. 

Visual and Neuro-Muscular skills addressed in vision training include:

  • Eye tracking - the ability to follow a moving object or a line of text in a book
  • Fixation - the ability to locate and look at an object
  • Focusing - the ability to make on object clear, and to switch focus from near to far and back again
  • Eye teaming - using both eyes together, simultaneously, so the brain can fuse the information into a three-dimensional image
  • Visual perceptual skills - identifying and understanding what is seen
  • Visual-motor integration - eye-hand coordination and body awareness

Common Questions

How does vision therapy work?

It uses progressive vision exercises performed under the supervision of your eye care provider. Each set of exercises is tailored to meet the individual visual needs of a patient. These exercises are done 1-2 times per week in sessions lasting 45 minutes to a full hour. Exercises are designed to also be done at home.

Do these exercises simply strengthen eye muscles?

The eye muscles are hundreds of times stronger than they have to be. Nothing about vision therapy is centered on strengthening eye muscles. This therapy is all about improving vision problems by strengthening the neurological pathways between the eyes and the brain.

What is the first step in a vision therapy program?

A comprehensive vision exam is necessary before starting therapy. Following the exam, your eye care provider can determine whether or not this type of therapy is the recommended treatment for your vision problems.  A sensory motor evaluation (SME) may be recommended to evaluate processing and perceptual skills before starting therapy.

Is there scientific evidence that it really works?

Yes.  Studies show vision therapy is effective in improving the visual skills and the lives of patients. Data shows that this therapy can improve visual function enough to keep it from interfering with a patient's ability to absorb information and learn. This therapy is as effective as physical therapy or occupational therapy.

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