Vision Therapy for Reading and Learning Problems

Signs of Vision Related Learning Problems

  • Words run together
  • Double print
  • Reversed letters
  • Words shaky or slanted
  • Squinting or headaches during near work
  • Skips or rereads lines
  • Tilts head or closes one eye
  • Holds reading very close to eyes
  • Confuses Right and Left

First, our doctor will do a thorough, comprehensive exam on the patient.  Their diagnosis will find the optimum prescription for that patient at computer or book distance.  Surprisingly, a pair of low-powered lenses can make a huge impact on the level of fatigue and headaches the patient experiences. 

Second, vision therapy may be needed for eye teaming, perceptual and/or sensory problems.  A Sensory Motor Evaluation (SME) is usually recommended before therapy in order to fully understand how the patient processes information.  A treatment plan is then established, usually spanning 10 to 20 weeks. 

Third, we carry Chromagen lenses. Research has shown that Chromagen lenses can be helpful to dyslexic adults and children. 

When these three therapeutic options: reading prescription, vision therapy, and colored filters are combined to support vision, our dyslexic patients experience a measurable difference in their ability to work, play, read, and study.

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