Sports Vision Training


What is Sports Vision Training?

Sports vision training works on improving the visual abilities of an athlete to excel in their sport.  This includes: eye-hand coordination, dynamic visual acuity, tracking, focusing, visual reaction time and peripheral vision.  All training techniques are custom tailored program for each sport and athlete.  A program for a tennis player will emphasize eye-hand coordination and tracking fast paced objects, whereas, a program for a golfer will concentrate on visual alignment and depth perception to pick up breaks in the greens.

What is a Sports Vision Analysis?

A sports vision analysis evaluates all the skills needed to perform at your sport. These tests go well beyond standard eye tests.  Your tracking, reaction time, depth perception and eye-hand coordination will be compared to other athletes.  How you stack up in these skills can determine how well you perform.

How does training my eyes enhance my sports performance?

Practicing the visual components of a sport outside of the sport actually sharpens the athlete's overall ability.

Athletes have very specific visual tasks to accomplish. They might need to see very far off in the distance like golf or archery.  They might need to be quick to respond to a ball as in table tennis or baseball.  Some parts of visual space might be more important. For example in volley ball the upper portion of vision is where much of the action is present.  In soccer, eye-foot coordination is the pinnacle of success.  In gun sports the use of the dominant eye and hand is a definite factor in moving up the ranks.  With most every ball sport the player’s judgement of space is of utmost importance.  In basketball the player’s  accuracy depends on how perfectly s/he knows exactly where the basket is in relation to his/her hands.

See if our Sports Vision Training Program is right for you.  Our doctors and therapist are here to help!  We also do Sports Vision Screenings for teams in the area.  Please share with your coach or athletic director if you are interested in setting up a screening for your team.

*Information aquired from COVD's Sports Vision page.  Please click here for more information.

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