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Our story starts in 1948 when Dr. Bader opened the doors while Washington Avenue was still a dirt road.  Avenue Vision is truly a product of Golden: the most up-to-date technology with a strong respect for our past.  Current owner, Joe Borden, OD, attributes his passion for vision therapy and pediatrics to being an office assistant and vision therapist for past owner, Eva Strube, OD in the '90s.  Our passion for helping the Golden community and supporting small local businesses shines through in everything we do.  We are most proud of our Give Back Days (offering free eyecare for those in need twice a year) and creating glasses by hand to increase quality and reduce cost for our patients.

Meet the Team

Dr. Joseph F. Borden, O.D.

Dr. Borden, a Golden native, completed his Optometry degree at Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, TN in May 2009.  As a member of the College of Optometrists in Visual Development (COVD), Dr. Borden has extensive background in binocular vision and received the COVD Excellence in Vision Therapy award.  Dr. Borden has also received specialized training at Harvard Medical School for Sports Vision and was the Director of Sports Vision at Hellerstein and Brenner Vision Center, P.C. in Centennial, Colorado.

Dr. Borden is an active Golden community member.  He has served on the board of the Chamber of Commerce and was Golden's Young Professional of the year in 2018.  He is an avid sports enthusiast and played soccer at the collegiate level.  When he is not working, he loves spending time in the outdoors with his two kids.

Dr. Eva K. Strube, O.D.

Dr. Eva Strube, O.D.Dr. Strube has practiced holistic optometry in Golden, Colorado since 1984. Dr. Strube is a graduate of Pacific University in Oregon and is an avid speaker and writer on vision health subjects such as vision therapy and the importance of the visual system to learning, and sports performance enhancement through visual therapies and technologies.

Dr. Strube is happy to have helped countless patients both young and old through vision therapy and behavioral optometry, particularly those patients with learning disabilities whose lives have been improved through holistic vision care. She is fluent in Spanish and enjoys helping her Spanish-speaking patients in the language of their choice. She believes that listening to patients is the most important part of her practice.

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