Vision Therapy for Adults

“The payoff was worth it.  I am now able to see clearly, read more fluently and comprehend for longer stretches at a time.” – 50 yo patient


For those who have always had a hard time reading and studying, our exam will likely show problems getting information into the brain, processing the data, or responding to that information.

In athletes, vision therapy is generally used to improve the speed and span of processing visual information so that the players’ response to the game can be quicker, giving him/her a performance edge over other players.  See our Vision Training for Athletespage.

Many people feel lost after a traumatic brain injury.  Oftentimes, their doctors say they should be healed, but they are not.  Brain fog, poor memory, constant headaches and difficulty processing information are just some symptoms we frequently hear.  See our Vision Rehab page for more info.

Computer vision syndrome results from overuse of the eyes at the same distance for many hours.  Though reading or computer lenses may be useful, many people respond well to eye exercises that train them to recreate the eye-brain patterns to reduce eye strain and fatigue.  

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